Fourth Year Students

Opportunities are available to participate in audition rotations for fourth year medical students who plan to apply to the Internal Medicine and Dermatology programs at Medical City Weatherford. Audition rotations are limited to Internal Medicine Inpatient experience. We do not offer outpatient, elective or other specialty rotations.

Medical City Weatherford requires an Affiliation Agreement with your medical school before rotations can be scheduled. The Agreement must be in place thirty days prior to the arrival of any student.


Apply early! A limited number of slots are available. Only 4 week rotations are offered. Please do not apply if you are unable to participate in anything less than a full 4 week rotation.

If you wish to apply for an audition rotation, please email the Program Coordinator:

  1. A copy of your CV
  2. Personal statement (draft is fine)
  3. An unofficial copy of COM transcript
  4. A copy of ALL board exam attempt results. USMLE, if taken, should be included as well as COMLEX. Results of ALL attempts, including any unsuccessful attempts, should be included.
  5. At least three options for rotation dates, numbered and in order of preference. If your school rotation calendar does not follow calendar months (July 1-31, August 1-31,etc.), please include the exact dates you are requesting. i.e.: Sept. 10 - Oct. 8, etc.

Please be advised that we do not provide housing for audition rotations. All living expenses are the sole responsibility of the student. If you have family or friends in Fort Worth with whom you could stay, it is only 20 minute drive from the west side of Fort Worth to Weatherford.

Internal Medicine Residency Program Kristi Hayworth, Academic Program Coordinator
(682) 582-2921
817-598-4705 Fax

Dermatology Medicine Residency Program Aurea Baez-Martinez, Academic Program Coordinator
(682) 582-2922
817-598-4705 Fax