Cardiac Catheterization at Medical City Weatherford

In a cardiac catheterization procedure, a small, hollow tube is inserted into a blood vessel. Once inserted, a number of procedures can be performed through the catheter, including measuring the pressure within the heart's chambers, collecting biopsies, angiogram and angioplasty.

Medical City Weatherford has opened a new Cardiac Services Department which includes a catheterization X-ray lab. Medical City Weatherford conducted its first minimally invasive procedures on this new system which can treat a wide range of clinical problems including coronary artery disease — a leading cause of heart disorders in the U.S. These catheter-based procedures are designed to enhance therapeutic results and reduce the risks and recovery time found in traditional surgical approaches. Among the many benefits of catheter-based interventions are shorter hospital stays, reduced recovery time without the pain of a large incision, and minimal surgical scarring. These procedures can be performed on both the heart and peripheral blood vessels.

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