Orthopedic Services at Medical City Weatherford

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Movement: we use it in nearly everything we do. Take pain-free, easy movement away from us and we're,literally,stuck. Orthopedic services are needed when a person experiences trauma to the bones, anything from bone disease to a broken arm. Medical City Weatherford helps people get moving again through intense therapy, exercise and treatments. Our goal is to repair the body so that our patients can regain healthy, active lifestyles.

Before treatment can be established, your doctor will determine the cause of your condition through a physical examination and diagnostic tests such as blood work or X-rays. After making a diagnosis, your doctor may prescribe medication, an exercise program or surgery. Surgery is frequently performed as a same-day, outpatient procedure. Your orthopedic doctor may also prescribe rehabilitative exercise or physical therapy to help you restore movement, strength and function following your surgery.

At Medical City Weatherford, our board-certified physicians and other healthcare professionals provide comprehensive orthopedic services on an important and outpatients basis. We offer a wide range of services and have an active orthopedic surgery staff.

Our Orthopedic Services

  • Hip and Knee replacement
  • Surgically repairing or replacing, hip, knee, elbow or finger joints
  • Setting broken bones and putting on casts or splints
  • Treating joint conditions(dislocations, slipped disks, arthritis and back, shoulder and neck problems)
  • Treating bone tumors and birth defects of the skeleton
  • Treating conditions such as carpel tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis