The Rehabilitation Institute at Medical City Weatherford

When pain starts to infringe on your life, our experts at the Rehabilitation Institute at Medical City Weatherford are here to help. Our highly qualified team of licensed practitioners provide personalized care by treating each patient based on their unique symptoms. Understanding the importance of collaborative care, we work to establish patient-centered goals that are then communicated back to your primary care physician. Our state-of-the-art facility contains equipment that allows us to practice evidence-based techniques during each consult.

Physical Therapy

Medical City Weatherford's experienced physical therapists work with doctors and nurses to create programs that improve movement, balance, endurance and strength for patients, helping them move — onward, upward, and forward.

Physical Therapy Service at Medical City Weatherford

Speech Therapy

Medical City Weatherford offers a number of speech therapy services with a wide variety of techniques and programs designed to help people communicate better.

Speech Therapy Services at Medical City Weatherford

Rehabilitation Institute Location

879 Eureka Street
Weatherford, TX 76086

 (817) 596-2700