Primary Stroke Center in Weatherford

Medical City Weatherford has been certified as a primary stroke center (PSC), reflecting the high level of quality care and competence in treating stroke patients. To achieve this certification, Medical City Weatherford has assembled a team of highly skilled medical professionals - including emergency physicians, surgeons, neurologists, nurses, therapists, laboratory and pharmacy staff, and radiologists - who are specially trained to respond quickly and completely to the needs of a stroke patient.

Requirements for Primary Stroke Center Designation Include:

  • Stroke unit designation for continuous patient monitoring
  • Demonstrate application and compliance with clinical practice guidelines for primary stroke centers
  • Provide acute stroke protocol education for emergency department staff
  • Address processes for receiving transferred and/or for transferring patients
  • Provide public stroke education activities throughout the year
  • Continually improve stroke treatment plans using standardized performance measure data

Stroke is the number four cause of death and a leading cause of adult disability in the United States, according to the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association. On average, someone suffers a stroke every 40 seconds, someone dies of a stroke every four minutes and 795,000 people suffer a new or recurrent stroke each year.

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Preventing Stroke

The good news about stroke is that it is largely preventable.

You can't control all of your risk factors for stroke, such as age, gender and family history, but you can determine what your manageable personal risk factors are and take steps to control, treat and improve them today.

Do you know your personal stroke risk factors?

Take our stroke risk assessment to identify your stroke risk factors and how to improve them.

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